January 03, 2019
The 3 Books Every Mom to Be Should Read

My first pang of mom guilt happened when, newly pregnant, I decided I should be reading all the parenting, pregnancy, diet and sleep books out there. Then I considered the alternative: the internet. My most recent kid-related search? “What to do when your child learns to say ‘no’”. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

There is a middle ground between the more than 50,000 parenting books on Amazon and the quick-fix of the Google search. Sensible, easy to read, and sometimes funny books that arm you with the essential information to get through pregnancy with your sanity intact. Here are the must reads we 2-Day over to all of our newly pregnant friends:

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy: In its second edition, Vicki Iovine’s HILARIOUS narrative of each of the nine months of pregnancy is so full of #pregnancytruths you’ll literally LOL - particularly the section about Pregnancy Insanity. No judgement, mama - this baby is making you kinda cray! Read this for you, because it feels so good to know you’re not alone.

Happiest Baby on the Block: This is the famous swaddling book - the 5 S’s to help you soothe your baby (to sleep!). Every savvy mom whom I told I was pregnant mentioned this book. This is another book that everyone in the household needs to read. My best friend’s husband Andy was a bona fide swaddling expert by the time their daughter was born. I loved this division of responsibility!! Read this in the last few months of pregnancy - this will be UBER helpful in those first few nights and weeks. Or, read it at 4AM the first night you’re home with baby. Either way, you got this!

Expecting Better - Being pregnant comes with a long list of don’ts: Hot tubs, sushi, cured meat, unpasteurized cheese, alcohol, caffeine. Wait! That is literally what I did on New Year’s Eve. What gives? All knocked up and nothing fun to do? We are obsessed with Emily Oster, an award-winning economist who dispels pregnancy myths with hard numbers that arm you with facts to combat that raised eyebrow from your in-laws, admin, boss or BFF.

That’s it. Stop reading books!! Enjoy your pregnancy and get some me-time before you add another person to your squad.