January 22, 2020
CEO Ale Breuer Shares Her Journey to A Maternity Wardrobe She Loves

When we met Ale, CEO of ezza nails, based in Chicago, we found ourselves laughing and crying as we commiserated the near desperation of searching for maternity clothes that worked at board meetings and date nights. Ale's story is so relatable: having so much to do at work and for baby that you don't even have TIME to think about what to wear .... and the ultimate relief of finding the *right* clothes for your life at this moment... we got you, girl.

Read on for Ale's story.



I rarely write blog posts, but I was so compelled to write about my experience trying to find maternity clothes and my discovery of Superkin! My name is Ale Breuer and I am an entrepreneur and CEO of Ezza Nails.

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly on the go and need clothes that look professional and polished but also versatile and comfortable given the long demanding hours of operating your own business.

Last May, I found out I was pregnant with my first child and I never imagined finding professional maternity clothes would be so difficult. My body changed a lot and it was really difficult to find clothes that was work appropriate as well as flattering. When I did a quick Google search for maternity clothes, I found that the options limited me to extremely casual options or baby shower dresses.


ale breuer julie blouse

 Ale is pictured here in our Julie Blouse 

 I found myself stressing daily about my clothes and the added pressure was no joke. I kept silent about this stress because I felt like I was the only one with these problems and quite frankly, I didn’t have time to really think about it because I had my business to run and grow. 

ale breuer gabrielle cocoon dress

 Ale is pictured here in our Gabrielle Dress

It wasn’t until I went on my babymoon for a weekend away with my husband when I had a breakdown. I think it was the first time I had slowed down for a bit and actually thought about how stressful dressing myself felt on a daily basis.


Then I found out about Superkin and tried their Gabrielle dress and Julie Blouse and it was a game-changer! Not only are their clothes super comfortable, but they are the first pieces I’ve found that actually fit a pregnant woman’s body! I cannot express how much of a relief it felt not to have to worry about getting dressed daily for work. I finally had pieces that I could wear to investor meetings and conferences. It felt so reassuring to have these staple pieces in my closet. I only wish that I found out about Superkin sooner!


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