January 03, 2019
How to Avoid the Internet Rabbit Hole of Pregnancy Symptoms

It happened early in my first pregnancy. Awake at 3AM, I was having some cramping, and started Googling - “is it normal to…. “

Insert pregnancy symptom here: Cramping, gas, bloating, heartburn, hiccups, sleeplessness, exhaustion, sensitivity to smell…. I could go on forever. A couple of clicks later and I’m reading comments written 8 years ago in a web forum for women based in and around Winchester, England. The ultimate rabbit hole.

In today’s digital world, what do we do when we encounter something we’ve never experienced before? We Google it.

  • What to do about swollen ankles
  • How to tell if you’re carrying a boy or a girl
  • How to fall asleep while pregnant

Heck, you probably even got HERE after a solid couple of Google search results.

Let me share with you my most closely held pregnancy (and parenting) rule. Do Not. Go Past. The second Google search result (unless, of course, it’s to check out www.superkin.com!)

The internet is a magical and wonderful place, but it has no filter. This rule is really about self care. If you’re worried about something, why not take a step back and talk through your fears with a friend, your partner or a medical doctor.

Say it with me. Do not go past the second google search result.  You’re welcome.