March 03, 2020
How to Handle Coworkers Who Don't Get Pregnancy at All

Did you know? When we first met in 2008, we were single and carefree, working at Louis Vuitton in New York. Fast forward more than a decade later and we are both married and living in California with three children between us.

Being pregnant while holding director titles and managing teams wasn't easy, but we were lucky to have each other to commiserate with.

Many of our colleagues were supportive, but not everyone was. When it comes to the workplace, myths and assumptions about pregnancy still abound.

We all know the office rumor mill can be brutal, and while you can never predict how your coworkers will project their assumptions about pregnancy onto you, you can certainly be prepared to respond.

We gathered some of the most ridiculous types of people you will run into while pregnant at work, and our tips for helping you respond to them in a way that benefits your mental health, your physical health, and your career.

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