March 18, 2020
Motherhood Unfiltered Series: #1 | SF

We co-hosted “Motherhood Unfiltered” alongside The Lotus Method, at their studio in Noe Valley, San Francisco. While it was the last IRL event for a while, it was such an inspiring night that we couldn't wait to share with you.

For our inaugural event in this series, we brought in a rock star lineup for our panel to discuss stories and open conversation how women manage growing a career and building a family. Left to right: Moderated by Miriam Williams, co-founder of Superkin,  Dr. Sara Vaughn, MD., Fertility Specialist at Spring Fertility,  Lynn Perkins, Co-founder and CEO of Urban Sitter, Yennie Solheim, Director of Social Impact at Niantic, and Mili Dutt Reddy, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing at Sephora.


The conversation was open, honest, and laugh out loud funny. We also loved tasting wines from En Pointe Wines, refreshing with herbal tonics from Sunwink, and shopping the Superkin capsule collection! Raffle prize winners won a $50 Urban Sitter Gift Card (thanks Lynn!) and a free Lotus Method Training Session (thanks Caitlin!).

Our Top Takeaways:

  1. Dr. Vaughn kicked off the night and addressed the audience on navigating fertility amidst the spread of COVID-19, in many cases without a ton of information. The journey to parenthood is one of the most vulnerable things that one can do, and once our kids are here that vulnerability just grows. Sarah’s suggestion: take a step back, say a serenity prayer and ask ourselves, “Is this worry of my control? What CAN I control?”
  2. How companies will change to accommodate working parents, especially during the COVID19 outbreak: “This could shift the focus more towards goals and outcomes, and not just face time in the office.” - Lynn 
  3. On accepting help from others (even for the small stuff): “Lay down your pride. Take the help. Don’t forget - all of this is temporary” - Yenni
  4. On setting boundaries for yourself and your job/office: When coming back to work after baby #2, Mili made the decision that she would be leaving each day at 4:30pm - no questions asked - even if that meant getting up in the middle of a meeting. It was the only way to make a statement about her efforts to manage both her career and family life properly. We commend Mili’s decision as it is important, not only for other moms, but how her company manages and supports working parents. 
  5. On Self care: “Don’t let yourself fall to the wayside. Figure out how to put your oxygen mask on first.” - Sara  
  6. Becoming a mom doesn’t hinder your career: “As a mom and a rising exec, you hyper-prioritize. My career took off when I had kids!” - Yennie. Cheers to that, Yennie! 
  7. On juggling home duties: “I have made strategic decisions and organized my life, with the help of outsiders, so that when I’m home, I’m able to focus on spending time with my kids. When I’m at work, I’m 100% focused on my patients. I’m not burnt out. I'm tired! But I’m managing.” - Sara Vaughn, MD. Figure out what are those things only YOU can do and what are those things that you’d be happy to pass off to others. 
  8. How to be your own best advocate at the office: “Form a board of directors….for yourself. Get feedback from them. Talk it out. Make sure you figure out what are those things you actually need to do and what those things are that can be done by others (be it at work, at home, etc).” - Mili 
  9. An Amazing Affirmation from Yennie: If you're a woman and a mom, you're already a badass. 
  10. Some great tips from Lynn on three ridesharing apps that help SF kids commute: Kango, Zum and Hop Skip Drive.
  11. We learned about an amazing campaign to bring parents together in a pledge to wait until 8th grade to give their kids a smartphone:  Who knew?

We hope that it’s not too long before we can do this again, perhaps virtually! At the heart of Superkin is to redefine not only the apparel for modern women, but the way we *talk* about life and work. More Motherhood Unfiltered coming your way soon, we're so glad to have you with us on this journey.

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