May 23, 2020
Why We're Wearing Masks This Memorial Day

An Excerpt From "The Neighbor"


by Jennifer Notas Shapiro

This morning, my son and I set out to walk the dog together. As we approached The Neighbor’s house, she was just getting into her car wearing a full-body, hooded unicorn onesie. I paused curiously. I mean, what could the occasion be for such an ensemble, especially now? She glanced at us and muttered, “I wouldn’t wear it on a walk.” “Where are you going?” I was about to ask, when she shook her head as if we weren’t there and said, “I just wouldn’t.” I assumed that this neighbor, a woman in her 40’s, was embarrassed at being caught dressed as a whimsical, mythical creature on the odd Wednesday morning mid-pandemic. I assumed wrong. “Seeing kids like that… it breaks my heart. You’re giving up your rights,” she told me.

She wasn’t talking about her unicorn onesie. She was talking about our masks.

I led my son back down the street, grateful that he’d been scouring the pavement for sticks and had not heard what she’d said. Later, I ranted, “Who says something like that?! In front of a child?!!” My reply to The Neighbor was simply, “I see it differently.” But of course, it is not that simple, nor do I believe that it is a matter of opinion.


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⁠Jennifer Notas Shapiro is a screenwriter who has written numerous TV movie rom coms. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

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