Our Clothing Performs

High tech, low maintenance—and fit for a hero.

Fabrics for Real Life

Ditch the dry cleaning—you’re busy. Superkin's breathable, comfortable, washable staples resist wrinkles and pilling.

Meticulously Thoughtful Designs

Every single stitch, feature and fabric was carefully picked and placed (hello, cell-phone pocket) to do sh*t.

Competitive Cost-Per-Wear

Do more with less. Our elevated basics and seasonless silhouettes are designed to be worn on repeat during the week, through all three trimesters and postpartum.

Passionately Eco-Friendly

Fact: your offspring will inherit the earth. We’re committed to bettering it with sustainable fabrics, ethical factories and our give-back program.

Multitasking Styles

For women who work *all* the jobs. Thoughtful, versatile separates that flex from day to night and workday to weekend.

The Team

Miriam Williams, Co-Founder

Miriam is an operations nerd with a snarky sense of humor, and built a career in New York retail leading operations and strategy for global brands like Coach, Louis Vuitton, J.Crew and L’Occitane. During 4 years on the west coast, she ran logistics partnerships at Narvar before leaving to launch Superkin. In early 2021 Miriam, her 4 year old son David and husband Jake relocated back to Brooklyn, NY. She can most regularly be found running alongside (or chasing after) her son on a scooter in Cobble Hill.

Mantra: Velvet glove with an iron fist.

Tara Elwell Henning, Co-Founder

Tara spent the first part of her career in New York and San Francisco, working at world-class brands like Louis Vuitton and Walmart, where she thrived in art and science of retail.

She joined Narvar, a SaaS technology platform, as it’s #4 employee where she saw the company scale globally in just under 5 years. Tara wrote the maternity leave as the first employee to have a baby at the company. It was this experience that really planted the seed of becoming an advocate for working parents. She co-led the Women at Narvar ERG and Life @ team, to further develop programming and culture at Narvar. 

She is energized by the power of connection — whether it’s brands, people or aligned missions. When consulting for a seed-stage start-up or a large conglomerate, Tara brings an innovative thought process to projects and partnerships. She understands the complexities of teams, fast growing, best in class brands and that hiring the best people means nothing without culture. 

Tara lives in Marin County, CA (just north of the Golden Gate Bridge) with her husband and their two young daughters and black lab, Parker.

Mantra: What? Like it’s hard?