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Show the World You're Vaccinated.

What these scientists have done in such a relatively short period is remarkable. The rollout, even with its frustrations, is also an impressive feat. A lot of people still need a little nudge or influence.

We love what they're doing to help educate and influence. #HerdimmunityFTW


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Superhero of the week: Adia Barnes

This week University of Arizona Women's Basketball head coach made headlines after pumping during halftime of the NCAA finals. She jumped at the opportunity to advocate for moms, saying: “It’s a privilege for me. You can be great at all these things. You can be someone representing, and doing it with class, and professionalism, and doing well at your job. You can be a mom; you don’t have to stop coaching."

The Daily Show on COVID-era Motherhood

"Much like underwire and micro-blading, the pandemic is disproportionately hurting women." In classic The Daily Show style, Desi Lydic shows us the painfully hilarious chaos of trying to work from home with kids. The clip also touches on the reasons women are leaving the workforce, and calls for systemic change.

Sesame Workshop Debuts Racial Justice Content

For the Elmo enthusiast in your life. Sesame Street launched Coming Together, a comprehensive set of videos, activities and content to support conversations around race, equity and social justice. Also new? Two Black Sesame Street characters join the cast.

Mother's Day Prep: Shop Small

Last month, Paper Source filed for bankruptcy which will enable them to pay their artisan, women-owned vendors cents on the dollar for orders already shipped. So, we're rounding up some of our favorite women and minority owned stationery companies NOW so you can support them today from your couch.

Rest in Peace, DMX

We truly loved this tribute twitter thread: Jen Fraser met DMX on a plane and he was so lovely to her and her stepdaughter, and (spoiler) hooked them up with VIP tickets to his concert.

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