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We're obsessed with making this world a better place for working parents.

Here's The Thing...

As the silos between work and home have evaporated, how is your company building policies that support these shifts in family structure? More than ever, we're seeing increases:

  • Dual income households
  • Number of women in the workforce
  • Sandwich generation - caregiving for aging family
  • LGBTQIA+ & parenting

Superkin helps you design a holistic, best-in-class policy and programming providing your team with a modern and inclusive employee experience, taking you beyond parental leave.

We Hear This All The Time...


We have a generous parental leave policy but parents are resigning for companies with more perks.


We want best in class support for parents and caregivers but the space has changed so much. I don't even know how our benefits measure up.


There’s tension in asking our employees to plan programming for parents in addition to their "real" jobs.

You're right. This is a mess. Where do I start?

8 week sprint to overhaul parental policies & culture

Plan & Execute ERG Programming

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Check out our event with Hello Sunshine's Eve Rodsky, our piece for Parents Magazine, and our collaboration with Motherly, the leading media group for millennial moms.

What We'll Do

Hire Superkin to do a 6-week benefit audit to see how your benefits compare to the competition. From there, we provide a roadmap on how to get you to the forefront of companies building culture and policy.

Policy & Benefit Benchmark Audit

Advisory Services & Thought Leadership

Programming & Events

The Results.

  • Best-in-class policies and programming that sets you apart — improving talent attraction and retention KPIs.
  • Improved employee experience & sense of belonging (parents + caregivers are a key pillar of your DE&I strategy)
  • Reinforce your internal brand values & enjoy a shared language of empathy & engagement across the organization

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