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Parental Leave

Superkin is helping companies attract and retain the most dynamic talent in today’s workplace — parents & caregivers.


The Juggle is Real.

Working parents are in a burnout crisis.


of employees have some sort of caregiving responsibilities, yet execs think it's only 25%


of families have had a parent leave the workforce, reduce hours or take a leave of absence in 2021 (+40% to 2020)

Everything we know about work is changing — what are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

Our 6 week benefit audit will help you attract and retain top performers. Because supporting parents & caregivers isn't a nice to have — it's imperative to business goals.

The workforce is made up of humans, and some of them have kids.

It's not 1987. Employers who want to be at the forefront of change know that supporting families is their greatest asset:

Drive Top Line: Companies see 5.5x revenue growth when they invest in employees and families.

Talent Retention: It's expensive (2x their salary) to lose your top performers.

Attract Talent: 70% of employees would change jobs for one that offers benefits to reduce burnout.

Build Diversity & Inclusion: Companies with 30% women execs outperform companies where this percentage is 10-30%.


Started With A Tee Now We're Here

Seriously, though: in 2020 we launched our *Add to Resume merchandise campaign to give working parents a little mojo back.

Parenting fosters strategic thinking, collaboration, empathy, and time management. You've got mad skills, and it's time to flex them.

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Everything we know about work is changing— what is your company doing to stay ahead of the curve?