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5 Considerations for Today's Parents on Women's Equality Day

Though Women's Equality Day happens once a year, we're always thinking about how gender equality manifests in family life.


Dressing Professional While Pregnant Is Harder Than It Should Be

"Superkin wants to ensure that the brand is an easy solution to what is a sartorially trying time, not to mention an awkward physical and often emotional one."


13 Maternity Clothing Items Every Pregnancy Wardrobe Needs

"Henning notes that the trick to finding the perfect “LBD” is to find one as perfect with a jacket and sneakers as it is dressed up. “Even better: it can be your go-to dress in the fourth trimester,” she said."


Selling Maternity to Modern Mothers

"Pregnancy is a pivotal moment, you're worried about your career, how things are going to change, all your relationships are going to change. It’s a transformational moment, the landscape was just rainbows and sunshine."